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Testing Services

Resting metabolic rate (RMR)

$134 per test, TFMS Member Rate

*Mask required for EMR and RMR tests. Masks available for $45 and may be reused for all follow up tests.

Lose weight, increase your fitness, and quit the “guessing game” of how many calories you need to eat and how much you need to train to reach the right energy balance. Our “New Leaf” system measures BOTH VO2 and VCO2 for the greatest accuracy. With these detailed metabolic assessments we can accurately determine your personal metabolic profile.

With this information you will know:
• How many calories you can consume without gaining weight
• What caloric deficit is required to reach your weight-loss goals
• Your unique personal metabolic requirements
• How many calories from exercise should be included in a balanced weight loss program
• How many calories are burned from fat compared to carbohydrates
• What lifestyle changes are needed to maintain this “energy balance” so that weight loss can become permanent
Your profile provides insight into the nutritional choices that will improve your health, increase your overall fitness, and ultimately enhance your athletic performance.

Resting metabolic rate (RMR) testing

TriFit MultiSport uses only the best, state-of-the-art metabolic testing equipment manufactured by New Leaf – world renowned for innovation and excellence with its MEDGRAPHICS clinical diagnostic systems and New Leaf Active Metabolic Training™ products.

Exercise metabolic rate (EMR)

$176 per test, TFMS Member Rate

*Mask required for EMR and RMR tests. Masks available for $45 and may be reused for all follow up tests.

Whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, you want to achieve your physiological “personal best” without over-training. VO2 max is “the maximum capacity of an individual’s body to transport and utilize oxygen during incremental exercise.”  It is generally considered one of the best indicators of cardio-respiratory endurance and aerobic fitness.

Two similar, but somewhat different tests are available.  Let us help you decide which would be a better fit for your personal and athletic situation:
• VO2 Max Test
• Exercise Metabolic Test (EMR)

Utilizing our state-of-the-art metabolic system from New Leaf, our VO2 Max and Exercise Metabolic testing will help you:
• Understand how your body performs during exercise;
• Train in your optimal heart rate zones for peak performance and weight loss;
• Increase your overall power output;
• Monitor how your body has adapted to training;
• Accurately track your progress; and,
• Modify your program to fine tune training.

By using sound scientific principles and your individualized physiology, TriFit coaches and trainers will help you
• Implement a program
• Monitor your performance
• Update your training program to ensure you continue to achieve your training goals

Blood lactate testing

$176 per test, TFMS Member Rate

Lactate is constantly produced by the body.  At rest and in light exercise, the level of lactate produced is small enough that it is buffered or oxidized. As intensity increases, lactate production increases and reaches levels that are reflective of a loss of aerobic efficiency. In general, low levels of lactate are the sign of an efficient aerobic system.  High lactate levels at easy workloads are a sign of an underdeveloped aerobic system while high lactate levels at maximal workloads are a sign of a well developed anaerobic system. Over time and with correct training, lactate levels at given workloads will decrease, indicating an improvement in aerobic conditioning. For each athlete and sport there is an optimal balance of aerobic and anaerobic qualities.
During an exercise test, blood lactate samples are taken along with other key data while you exercise at gradually increasing intensities. This data is then analyzed and an easy to use, practical prescription is provided based on your goals.  Training zones are based on heart rate, power, pace or a combination of each to suit your needs.  The test results transfer perfectly from the lab to the road enabling you to train with precision wherever you are.

Health assessment


Health Assessment includes:
Cholesterol Testing (Total, LDL, HDL), Triglycerides, Blood Pressure, Body Fat Reading, and a 30 minute one-on-one session.

Knowing your baseline wellness can help you to take action in the right direction so that you can reach your fitness and wellness goals. Learn what these important biological markers are and possible ways to change them by scheduling a Health Profile Assessment with TriFit’s Exercise Physiologist.
Why body composition is important:  Body composition tells you how much of your weight is made up of fat and how much is muscle. A high percentage of body fat increases your risk for obesity, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol and other illnesses.
Because underwater weighting is complicated and cumbersome and requires special equipment, most exercise physiologists use simple skinfold measurements to determine body fat percentage.  Using a skinfold caliper, this test requires taking three measurements at different sites of the body (tricep, abdomen, upper thigh) then plugging these numbers into a formula.  The American College of Sports Medicine says that when performed by a trained, skilled tester, skinfold testing can be up to 98% accurate.
TriFit MultiSport through TriFit Club & Studios provides skinfold body fat testing.  All testing is done by one of our trained testers according to a careful, methodical protocol.  Any indication of anomalies will be checked as many times as necessary to assure accurate measurements.

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