Our mission is to instill knowledge, ignite enthusiasm, and create new fitness opportunities for each and every person as they discover their true athletic potential. Our vision is to help everyone create a lifestyle that requires discipline yet is both fun and enjoyable, which will give them a sense of accomplishment, teach them humility, and continue far beyond their time with TriFit. We invite you to join our ever expanding family of people committed to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.



TriFit is at the forefront of the fitness industry in Los Angeles. Many of Hollywood’s top producers, directors, and celebrities have referred to TriFit as Los Angeles’ best kept secret. Founders Bernard and Gina Baski have worked with some of LA’s top gyms, health clubs, and studios, partnered with CEOs and executives of Fortune 500 companies to provide fitness and health related services to employees, and assisted in the fundraising efforts of numerous non-profit organizations. Bernard and Gina have also collaborated with some of the world’s best Olympic coaches, trainers, and nutritionists who have been instrumental in helping them develop smart and effective training programs for their clients and members.

Inspiring clients to find their true athletic potential is Bernard and Gina’s greatest passion. Whether through nutrition, strength and endurance conditioning, or training for their very first event, helping clients maximize their goals, have fun, and create a balanced lifestyle of health and wellbeing is their ultimate goal. Between the two of them, they have competed in countless triathlons, including eight Ironman completions.

The Founders

Bernard Baski

Bernard Baski

Bernard started skating on the ice about the same time he learned to walk, he played fifteen years of amateur and professional hockey training with Canada’s top coaches. His desire to help other young up-and-coming hockey players excel was the turning point of his career. It was then he pursued a career as a trainer and a coach at one of Canada’s top internationally renowned training camps. His experience with aerobic, anaerobic, and strength training allowed him to develop a training formula for athletes of all ability levels.

Bernard’s extensive training and coaching experience has been the cornerstone of the unique community that he, along with his wife Gina, created when they founded TriFit Club LA. Bernard’s certifications include Pose Tech Running, USA Triathlon, conditioning coach, and he is nationally-certified with Bicycling Fitting Systems as one of their top fit specialists in the US and Canada.

Weekdays, he can be found teaching one of the toughest cycling classes around. His performance-based approach has been recognized as both unique and effective for improving outdoor cycling performance. His true fuel as an athlete and coach comes from his time spent with his family, especially engaging in various activities with his two sons Luca and Alexandre.

Gina Baski

Gina Baski

Sports and fitness have always been an integral part of Gina’s life. In her early years, she trained as a gymnast and then, later, as a competitive swimmer. After completing a B.S. from Cal Poly and an M.A. from San Diego State University, Gina sought out her passion for health and wellness. She became a personal trainer, weight management consultant, yoga instructor, cycling instructor, POSE Running Coach, and USA Triathlon Coach.

Gina’s life-long dream to run her own health club came to fruition when she and her husband, Bernard, founded TriFit LA. Gina and Bernard invested many years working with Olympic endurance and strength coaches to develop smart and effective training programs, to provide TriFit members the very best tools to achieve all of their health and fitness goals. Gina is committed to helping people create a healthy and active lifestyle no matter the age or athletic ability.

In addition, Gina has always been focused on giving back to the community. Together with TriFit she has volunteered for numerous non-profits including the AIDS Ride, AIDS Lifescycle, Santa Monica-Venice Christmas Run, and the Arthritis Foundation’s California Coast Classic ride. Gina has competed in Ironman Triathlons and various other multi-sport races. She races at least once a year, which is her sanctuary from the craziness of running a business while raising a family. Gina’s proudest accomplishment to date is the birth of her two sons, Luca and Alexandre, who are at the heart of everything she does.