Finder X1

Solid Titanium Earphones.

The Finder X1 combines premium sound quality with ultimate durability, making it the perfect every-day companion for hearing everything your favorite music has to offer.




  • Exciting, lifelike sound signature
  • Solid titanium housing
  • Silver-plated cable
  • Filter tuning system
Finder X1
Finder X1

Built for Life

Titanium has double the strength-to-weight ratio of steel, rendering the Finder’s tiny housings virtually indestructible, yet impossibly light and comfortable.

Choose Your Sound

Tuning rings let you customize your Finder to find the sound that fits your music and tonal preferences.

Premium Sound

We’ve chosen German-made PEEK diaphragms for their exciting sound signature and unprecedented dynamics and detail, and paired them with silver-plated cables to ensure pure, uncompromised signal transmission.