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Immigrant's Rights
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Voting Rights
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  • Vasquez v. City of Farmers Branch, Texas01/03/2012

    In November 2006, the City of Farmers Branch became the first city in Texas to pass an anti-immigrant ordinance. Ordinance 2892, and its later replacement Ordinance 2903, required landlords of apartment complexes to verify that every person living in an apartment...

  • Morales v. Barnett01/03/2012

    In November 2004, the Morales family and their friend Emma English, all United States citizens, were assaulted by border vigilante Roger Barnett while they were hunting on state land in southern Arizona. Armed with a semi-automatic military-style assault rifle,...

  • Valle del Sol v. Goddard (Arizona Contractors v. Candelaria)01/03/2012

    The Legal Arizona Workers Act requires all employers in the state of Arizona to verify their employees’ immigration status through a voluntary federal Electronic Employment Verification System, known as “E-Verify.”  The Social Security Administration’s...

  • Multi-Ethnic Immigrant Workers v. City of Los Angeles, California01/03/2012

     On May 1, 2007, thousands of nonviolent protestors gathered in many cities around the United States, including Los Angeles, to march in support of comprehensive immigration reform. At the march in Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) used...

  • Melendres v. Sheriff Joseph Arpaio01/03/2012

    The absence of federal comprehensive immigration reform has led to increased cases of racial profiling by law enforcement, as local officers see fit to take enforcement of federal immigration law into their own hands because of frustration with federal immigration...

  • Vicente v. Barnette01/03/2012

    Since the late 1990’s, vigilantes along the Mexican-American border have engaged in private campaigns to hunt and detain Latino immigrants or presumed immigrants often against their will and by gunpoint. In March 2004, a group of Latinos were violently assaulted,...

  • Lobato v. Colorado06/03/2000

    The Lobato lawsuit, the State of Colorado’s first education adequacy case, was originally filed in Denver County District Court in 2005 by parents and school districts who argued that the State of Colorado had failed to adequately fund their education. MALDEF...

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  • Perez v. Perry30/11/-0001

    MALDEF and the Texas Latino Redistricting Task Force filed suit against the State of Texas in June 2011 in order to secure new redistricting plans that treat all voters fairly and accurately reflect the population growth in Texas over the last decade. The...